In case you were unable to make last weeks discussion, here are the notes that cover the topics and ideas we discussed. In our first discussion of the year, we focused on the race versus income achievement gap in test scores, the causes of poor college students dropping out, and things we can do as […]

Hello! So in case you weren’t able to make tonight’s meeting here are the minutes. We’re working on a lot of upcoming events for winter quarter and beyond so stay tuned for e-mails and FB updates regarding various ways to be involved. With that said, enjoy the minutes and have a great Friday! At today’s […]

Our discussion series this week featured school closings, in an effort to learn more about CPS’ plan to shut down schools, the implications of such action, and the possibilities for alternative solutions. We discussed the criteria that CPS uses to decide which schools are closed. Among such criteria include a labeling of “underutilized” based on […]

By Jenna Rozelle The University of Chicago along with Mayor Rahm Emanuel has unveiled a new umbrella program geared towards providing a wide array of assistance to high school students in both public and private schools within the city of Chicago. UChicago Promise, as it is called, includes five commitments. The first and most sensational […]

In case you couldn’t make it to our second discussion or you attended and just wanted to review some of the information we covered here are some notes outlining the main topics we discussed. Also, I’ve attached the links to the articles we read in preparation for the discussion: “Who Will Speak for the Children? […]

What a week for SFER UChicago; we’re just getting a chance to write about it now! Four things to keep you in the loop: Sunday, September 30th’s, interest meeting was a big success! If you missed it, check out the handout in the post below. We are still looking for a programming chair and an […]

SFER-UChicago Interest Meeting 9/30/2012

If you missed Sunday’s meeting, here’s a handout so that you can stay in the loop about what went on and what we’re planning for the future of SFER-UChicago. Pictures are posted to our Facebook page as well          ( ). And keep a lookout for information on upcoming events and meetings here, or on our Facebook and Twitter pages (