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Reflections on the CTU March by Rachel Kulikoff

On Sunday, I took two buses, going west and south from Hyde Park for the first time since I’ve been a student at the University of Chicago. I was going to a leg of the three-day march organized by the Chicago Teacher’s Union. On the surface, this march was to protest the massive closing of […]

A UChicago Promise- But For What Exactly?

By Jenna Rozelle The University of Chicago along with Mayor Rahm Emanuel has unveiled a new umbrella program geared towards providing a wide array of assistance to high school students in both public and private schools within the city of Chicago. UChicago Promise, as it is called, includes five commitments. The first and most sensational […]

Standing for Children

By Daphne Chen When I first heard that the strike was going to happen, my reaction was, “Great, what are all those kids going to do?” Because for a lot of the kids in Chicago, school is a kind of haven. Many of them are on free/reduced lunch programs, have parents who work all day, […]

The ‘Strike of Choice’

By Hannah Amundsen Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has called this week’s CTU stand a ‘strike of choice,’ and I certainly believe that to be true. The strike was avoidable, and CTU is being overly demonstrative to prove that they have won some sort of power struggle with the city. When CTU and CPS failed to […]

With Optimism, Strike Might Be a Good Thing

This piece can be originally found here.  By Matthew Collins I honestly don’t have too much to say about the current situation unfolding between the Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public Schools. It’s official. As President Karen Lewis stated, “In the morning, no CTU members will be in our schools.” To be honest, I’m still […]