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Spring Quarter Discussion- Gifted Policy led by Dr. Rosina Gallagher (4/11/2013)

For our first discussion of spring quarter, we invited Dr. Rosina Gallagher,President of the Illinois Association of Gifted Children, to present aboutcurrent education policy and gifted education. She explored the stigma tied togifted education, historical and current challenges facing these programs, andthe improvements needed to ensure that the kids achieve their full potential. First, Dr. Gallgher […]

EdTalks: Rethinking School Closings

Though we had a discussion on school closings last quarter, there have been many developments in CPS since then, including a change of CEO, new list of rumored closings, and outside recommendations. Since the new list of schools slated for closings will be released on March 31st, we wanted to revisit this topic as it […]

SFER Winter Quarter Discussion “The Effect of Income on Education” Notes

In case you were unable to make last weeks discussion, here are the notes that cover the topics and ideas we discussed. In our first discussion of the year, we focused on the race versus income achievement gap in test scores, the causes of poor college students dropping out, and things we can do as […]

Discussion Series: School Closings

Our discussion series this week featured school closings, in an effort to learn more about CPS’ plan to shut down schools, the implications of such action, and the possibilities for alternative solutions. We discussed the criteria that CPS uses to decide which schools are closed. Among such criteria include a labeling of “underutilized” based on […]

Discussion Series: Alternative Teaching Programs and the Human Capital Pipeline

In case you couldn’t make it to our second discussion or you attended and just wanted to review some of the information we covered here are some notes outlining the main topics we discussed. Also, I’ve attached the links to the articles we read in preparation for the discussion: “Who Will Speak for the Children? […]