Minutes from General Meeting on 1/24/13

Discussion Series

We have sent out a Google Doc – if you have any ideas for topics, want to take charge of a discussion, or want to suggest a different format, please feel free to update the document!

Also think about:

  • A catchy name for the series – EdTalks?
  • Ways to involve more of the student population (both ungrads and grads)
  • Different formats for discussion – i.e. small groups, post-it’s, “doughnuts and discussion”

Next week’s discussion will focus on school action!

We also want to start publishing more editorials and articles here on our WordPress, so we are going to have interested members write editorials about ideas sparked by our discussions, current events in education, or any other kind of inspiring article. If you’re interested, please let us know at the next meeting!


Events for this/next quarter

We brainstormed some ideas for events in the future, which include:

  • Student panels – about educational experiences, the controversy of “achievement gap”, possibly partnering with interest RSO’s
  • Speakers – alumni, introductions for research
  • Grad student panels – summer opportunities, education jobs/internships
  • Partnerships with other chapters (UMadison, Loyola)

If you have ideas to add and/or connections, contact the board or add to our Google Doc!

Specifically, SFER Loyola is interested in producing a joint event focused on homelessness and education. We are aiming for a speakers’ bureau on February 14th, but we need to start planning and figuring out logistics.


Other News/Events:

  • CPS is now reported to be closing 15-50 schools this year, which is less than previously announced. One of these schools is rumored to be Ray Elementary
  • Test scores will now make up 50% of principal evaluations



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